Hi! I'm Rick.

I am a Software Engineer a Full Stack Developer a Problem Solver

About Me

I'm a software engineer based in New York, NY. I have multiple years of experience using a variety of technologies across the development stack. As a firm believer in the notion that there is no "one size fits all" solution, I enjoy learning and working with new technologies to find the best fit for the task at hand.

I recently built Tapestry, an open-source pipeline orchestration framework for user entity data, using JavaScript/Node.js, AWS, Docker, React, and SQL.


Tapestry is a completely open-source framework that automates the entire deployment of an end-to-end user data pipeline, with both data ingestion and syncing components.

Tapestry allows developers to easily configure and launch a user data pipeline hosted on Amazon Web Services. With Tapestry, your user data pipeline will be automatically deployed and ready to ingest data from all your sources, store and transform that data in a warehouse, and sync it back to your tools for immediate use.

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